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Saturday, February 18, 2012

Sonicoid Fetal Ultrasound

Sonicoid Fetal Ultrasound

The fetatrack DD250 offers continuous fetal and vascular doppler in the small clinic, hospital supply or doctors office.
Weighing under 2Kg the fetatrack DD250 is a truly portable unit. It will operate from a mains supply or for over 30 hours from its built in rechargeable batteries.

The fetatrack DD250 has all the necessary facilities for accurate antenatal fetal heart rate detection or vascular assessment in one cost effective and compact unit for hospital supply and clinic.

The probes are connected to the unit via a long retractile cable, reducing the need to continuously move the unit, and interchanged using a high reliability connector.

With full multipoint digital autocorrelation the fetal heart detection it provides is accurate and reliable with the display of fetal heart rate on a large easy to read LCD display.

Simple to operate the DD250 is designed with a minimum number of controls. Just one to turn the unit on / off and to adjust the volume.

Fetal heart rate records can be kept by using the FetaTrace PC software that is available as a monitoring package with the option of a wide angle monitoring transducer.

All fetatrack products are supplied with a standard 3 year warranty lowering the cost of ownership and with over 25 years of supplying fetal heart detectors and monitors you can be assured that any problem your fetatrack unit will encounter over its lifetime will be fixed quickly and reliably


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