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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

The VersaCare Hospital bed

Adjustable The VersaCare Hospital bed

Steo- Medical sales new hospital supplies, The Hill Rom VersaCare® electric adjustable hospital bed offered, is a full featured patient care bed system which offers the lowest height in acute care. Optional integrated air surface helps to automate the delivery of wound care therapy and numerous features reduce the risk of caregiver injury.

The bed system without compromise

In a Med-Surg environment, many nurses want their patient care beds to help them deliver effective wound therapy, improve patient safety, and improve caregiver safety. In the past, it was difficult to find a comprehensive solution to these needs in one integrated system, but the wait is over. One of The new flexible and versatile hospital supplies VersaCare® bed system from Hill-Rom eliminates the need to compromise. It is designed to help achieve all three goals in a single bed choice, with the quality and comprehensive support expected from Hill-Rom. The VersaCare bed is a full-featured patient care bed system that offers the lowest height in acute care, an integrated air surface that helps automate the delivery of wound care therapy, and many features to reduce the risk of caregiver injury. In addition, this latest innovation hospital bed from Hill-Rom offers superior patient comfort and intuitive controls to help caregivers effectively and easily operate the system to its fullest capacity.

The VersaCare® hospital bed is easier to use with new intuitive controls and digital head of bed display. And our Boost® feature to help prevent back injuries.
Advantages Hospital bed
No Falls
Helping reduce falls for your patients.
• Low bed
• Lowchair® position allows patients to more easily egress from a chair position
• "Brake not set" alarm
• Advanced 3 mode bed exit (optional)
Safe Skin
Protecting patients who are less active and helping them achieve safe skin.
• Frame and mattress integration for superior therapy/safety performance
• FlexAfoot™ mechanism
• Enhanced Turn Assist (on A.I.R. surfaces only)

Caregiver Safety
One-button repositioning function puts the VersaCare adjustable hospital bed in the ideal position for repositioning patients while helping to protect the caregiver from back injury.
Flex-a-foot mechanism helps keep patient from sliding down in bed, therefore reducing the need for caregivers to help pull the patients up in the hospital bed.
Turn Assist with the VersaCare A.I.R. surface makes it easier for a single caregiver to perform patient examinations, linen changes and other tasks. With the Max-Inflate function on the VersaCare A.I.R. surface, transfers are easier on both patients and caregivers.
IntelliDrive Powered Transport Mechanism is an optional power-assist transportation system which allows for easy transport.
Enhanced Turn Assist — Standard on VersaCare P500 treatment mattress and with the Active Integrated Response® treatment mattress, the VersaCare® System Turn Assist makes it easy for a caregiver to position a patient and more easily complete routine tasks, such as examinations or linen changes.

Surface Protection
This hospital bed now available with nano Ag+® technology with SmartSilver® ions providing superior antimicrobial performance to protect the surface against stain and odor causing bacteria.
Mattress Option
VersaCare® mattresses are integrated into the bed design, minimizing siderail gaps and reducing the risk of entrapment. This option uses zones of continuous low pressure to reduce the chance of skin ulcers. It also contains the latest anti-shear liners and stretchable ticking to minimize shear. And, with its Max Inflate function, transfers are easier for both patients and caregivers.
Product Description
• "Brake not set" alarm
• Frame and mattress integration for superior therapy/safety performance
• FlexAfoot™ mechanism
• Enhanced turn assist (on A.I.R. surfaces only)
• Point of Care® controls - Larg e, easy-to-read design
• FlexAfoot™ mechanism
• Low position – su rface edge to floor 18" with optional
• IntelliDrive® power transport 22"
• Maintains low height when placed in chair
• High position – s urface center to floor 37"
• Headboard/push handles maintain same height regardless of patient surface height
• A wide variety of room accessories
• IntelliDrive® power-assist transport system
• Digital head of bed angle indicator
• Advanced 3 mode bed exit
• Service Contracts for preventative maintenance
• 220 -Volt transformers


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