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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Mortara Portrait Interpretive EKG Machine

Product Specifications:
• 12-Lead Interpretation
• Multiple Printout Formats
• Battery or Line Power
• Internal Storage
• Internal Modem and Transmission Software

The ELI 200 interpretive ecg machine from Mortara Instrument is a flexible and portable instrument that provides simultaneous 12-lead acquisition fir hospital supply. The printout, on 8.5" wide (215mm) paper, enables the presentation of 3, 4 or 6 channels of ECG in automatic mode and 3, 6 or 12 channels during rhythm recording.

The ELI 200's lead fail detection and signal quality check reduce the need for ECG re-acquisition and reduce operating costs as well.

The ELI 200's standard 40 ECG internal storage capacity can be expanded to 150 ECGs. With the optional Serial Comparison software, every new record is automatically compared (interpretive text and waveforms) with the last six ECGs of the same patient, and significant changes are highlighted. Other features of the ELI 200 include a clear LCD display of commands and unit status, a full alphanumeric keyboard and an RS 232 port as standard equipment. An optional modem is available for hospital supplies.

As your needs grow, the ELI 200 is a perfect compliment to the E-Scribe/NT ECG data management system. The ELI 200 interpretive electrocardiograph is proven, cost-effective and flexible. The machine is brand new and comes complete with a patient cable, a powercord, a rechargeable battery, a product manual, resting ecg electrodes, and sample recording paper. Call Discount Cardiology, Inc. at 1-800-507-8244 for special promotional discounts for hospital supplies!


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